Distribution of food, non-food aid to war-affected families in Faryab

Bawar Media CenterDecember 2, 2020110

More than 500 displaced families from Qaisar and Khwaja Sabzposh districts of Faryab province were covered by food and non-food aid.
Dr. Naqibullah Fayeq, Governor of Faryab, said the aid included two bags of flour, two bottles of five-liter oil, split peas, salt and half a kilo Plumpy Nut for children distributed by the World Food Programme (WFP).
Mr. Fayeq added that within a month, the families would be provided with non-food items, including blankets, utensils and 6,000 Afghanis in cash for winter fuel by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
According to officials, about 4,000 families have been displaced from Qaisar and Khwaja Sabzposh districts of Faryab over the past three months due to insecurity.

Reporter: Ahmad Jawid Bedar

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