Civilian Protection Group in Baghlan calls for ceasefire

Bawar Media CenterDecember 12, 2020101

Civilian Protection Group in Baghlan province called for protection of human rights and end to the war against civilians.
The group asked for preservation of human rights, freedom and security in their protest this morning, marking December 10, which coincides with Human Rights Day.
Addressing the United Nations, they exclaimed that under article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights all human beings have the right to life and security but in Afghanistan people are losing their lives every day due to explosions and suicide bombings.
Civilian Protection Group also requested the warring parties to end violence against innocent people and to work for an immediate ceasefire.
Participants say Taliban leaders are in talks with the Afghan government officials to strike a peace deal in Doha, but violence has escalated inside Afghanistan which is unacceptable.
Violence in Baghlan province has increased in recent months, and people are worried about the continuation of the situation.

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