New governor appointed for Baghlan

Bawar Media CenterDecember 12, 2020162

Akbar Barakzai was introduced to the people of Baghlan province as the new provincial governor today by Mohammad Sarwar Jawadi, Deputy Director of Policy in the Independent Directorate of Local Governance.
The new governor of Baghlan promised to the people of the province that he would fight resolutely for security, peace and against corruption.
He assured the people that insecurity, coercion and injustice were not acceptable to him and that he would put an end to the problems in Baghlan with public support.
Mr. Barakzai went on to say that the country was closer to peace than ever before and called on the Taliban to stop violence and make peace.
Baghlan’s new governor was introduced to the residents of the province today, while it was being governed by an acting governor for the past two years.

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