Religious scholars: Cultivation, production, trafficking of drugs, human beings forbidden

Bawar Media CenterDecember 12, 2020108

Hajj and Religious Affairs Department of Balkh today condemned human trafficking, kidnapping and drug cultivation and trafficking in a gathering and called for the perpetrators to be punished.
Mawlawi Mahmood Daneshjo, Head of Hajj and Religious Affairs of Balkh, says that any activity in human trafficking and kidnapping and drug trafficking is against Islam.
He adds that insecurity, abduction, and human and drugs trafficking are ominous phenomena that have been pressing the throats of Afghans for many years.
Religious scholars, meanwhile, state that there has been a sharp rise in insecurity in Balkh recently, and in criminal abductions. They accuse local government and security forces of recklessness, saying that it has been more than a month since the abduction of nine-year Abdul Rauf who is being tortured by kidnappers, but no clues of his whereabouts have been released.
Daneshjo believes the government has failed to bring traffickers and kidnappers to justice and that they are operating freely.
It is worth mentioning that human trafficking and abduction are among growing phenomena of the present era and most of the victims are children and adolescents, who in recent years due to insecurity and unemployment in the country, have tried to migrate illegally to European countries.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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