Northern scholars call for immediate ceasefire by Taliban

Bawar Media CenterDecember 30, 2020290

Hundreds of religious scholars and youth from the north gathered in the Blue Mosque to raise their voices and called on the Taliban to make a ceasefire to end suffering of Afghans and reach peace and tranquility.
These scholars consider the ongoing war in the country illegitimate, and utter they have been witnessing war and killing of innocent people for decades. They add that due to insecurity, large numbers of people have fled their homes and taken refuge in relatively safer provinces, but still have to live in tents in cold winter months.
According to these scholars, people are no longer capable of handling all this misery and request the Taliban to accept their demands, end the war and establish peace and security.
In the meantime, Mawlawi Amruddin called on armed opponents to renounce violence and Muslim-killings, declare a ceasefire and allow people to live in harmony.
Although the Taliban considers itself a Muslim group, the Afghan people are witnessing its brutal violence and religious leaders in different parts of the country have repeatedly called for an end to the war, but these voices have not yet had a positive outcome. Only time will tell when the Taliban will end the ongoing war with the Afghan government.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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