13 projects implemented in education sector in Sarepul

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 3, 2021251

During the ongoing year, 13 projects worth more than AFN 150 million have been implemented and put into operation in the education sector of Sarepul province.
Mohammad Khan Bekzad, Head of Education Department in the province, said the projects included construction of 11 schools, an administrative building for provincial education department and an education directorate in Sanchrak district.
According to Bekzard, the 11 school structures were built from development budget of the Ministry of Education and the administrative building and education directorate in Sancharak were funded by India.
He added that with the implementation of the projects, more than 11,000 male and female students in the province have been rescued from tents and provincial education department’s problems from lack of administrative rooms have been resolved.
Head of Education Department in Sarepul also stated that 20 more schools would be constructed next year.
Officials in Sarepul’s education department had previously announced that local residents had donated about 20,000 square meters of land to the department for free to build schools.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimis

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