Police Dialogue held in Bawar Media Center

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 10, 2021252

The first Police Dialogue focused on increasing trust between the people and police, enforcing law, reducing crimes, and promoting and strengthening public order with officials from the Ministry of Interior, TAAC-N commander and advisors, police commanders, religious scholars and civil society activists in the north and northeast was held at Bawar Media Center.
Shirshah Amiry, CEO of Bawar Media Center, said it was the first Police Dialogue held by the BMC with the aim of returning police forces to their main duties of enforcing law and fighting crimes.
In the meantime, Col. Bismillah Taban, Strategic Director at MoI, thanked the BMC for the initiative, adding that Afghan National Police has been fighting against terrorism in the past two decades which has driven them out of their main duties, but it didn’t mean that police forces had forgotten their original responsibilities. “Afghan National Police have made significant strides in enforcing the law, fighting crimes, and providing public safety, and have suffered immense casualties in the last two decades,” he said.
“Police are not only an executive body of the government but a reliable partner for the population,” said Brig. Gen. Ansgar Meyer, TAAC-N Commander in his speech.
Gen. Meyer emphasized the need to professionalize Afghan National Police, adding that police forces should have media support as it made them more effective.
In the conference, findings of a survey titled “Police Perception” conducted by Research and Development Department of BMC was shared with participants and a media campaign for ANP called “Law Enforcement”, which will also be launched by the center, was introduced.
It is noteworthy that in the sidelines of the conference, Bawar Training Academy was inaugurated and put into operation.


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