General Wardak appointed new commander of 209th Corps

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 12, 2021155

Maj. Gen. Mustafa Wardak was introduced as the new commander of 209th Shaheen Corps in the north in a ceremony attended by Gen. Scott Miller, commander of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan, Shah Mahmoud Miakhil, first deputy defense minister, Mohammad Farhad Azimi, governor of Balkh, and local civilian and security officials in Balkh.
Shah Mahmoud Miakhail, the first deputy minister of defense, said at the appointment ceremony of the new 209th commander that if the Taliban did not make peace, the country’s security forces would be fully prepared to fight the group.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Farhad Azimi, Balkh governor, praised the performances of Afghan security forces and called on the new commander to assist his administration in detaining irresponsible powerbrokers and gunmen.
Maj. Gen. Mustafa Wardak, however, asked the Taliban to join the peace process or they will face repression.
The former commander of Shaheen Corps, Maj. Gen. Hibatullah Alizi, has been appointed as the commander of Special Operations Corps of the Ministry of Defense.

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