Female street singer performs in Balkh

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 13, 2021203

Performing live in a crowded area was not an easy task, but a young man and woman became the limelight and were cheered in Mazar-e Sharif.
The band “Ambassadors of Kindness” coming from Kabul, performed live in support of Afghan security forces and to raise the voice of peace, which spread smiles on the faces of local residents.
Sayed Asghari, organizer of the event, says the group wants a lasting peace that keeps the achievements of nineteen years, not a temporary one. “Taliban should stick to their promises and declare an immediate ceasefire,” Asghari added.
The concert was warmly welcomed by Balkh civilians, and the participants rejoiced until the end and said that launch of such programs is necessary in current conditions of Afghanistan.
Masouma Mohammadi, who sang epic songs at the concert, maintains that in peace talks with the Taliban, civil values and women’s rights should not be ignored.
It is worth mentioning that “Ambassadors of Kindness” performed more than eighty songs in crowded streets of Herat and Kabul, and this was its second concert in Balkh.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzoon

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