220kw power substation inaugurated in Sheberghan

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 14, 2021506

At a cost of $32 million, a 220kw electricity substation in Sheberghan was inaugurated and put into operation today in a video conference between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan presidents and in presence of officials from both sides.
With the activation of the new substation, voltage shortages in Sheberghan city and Aqcha and Khwaja Dokoh districts will be prevented and the residents of these areas will benefit from standard electricity.
“The substation has three packages installed and assembled in Faryab, Jowzjan and Balkh provinces and has been funded by the Asian Bank,” Khan Mohammad Takel, Director General of National Water Management Authority and Acting Head of Afghanistan Energy Services said.
Sayed Mansour Poya, Head of Breshna Sherkat in Jowzjan, stated that previously, the total electricity consumption in the province was 24 megawatts of amperes, which has now been raised to 63 megawatts of amperes.
The power source of the new substation in Jowzjan is Turkmenistan and for now only Sheberghan city and Khwaja Dokoh and Aqcha districts have access to the energy while residents of eight other districts in the province have no access to electricity.
Reporter: Farida Amini

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