Second PCR machine for Covid-19 testing handed to use in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 17, 202191
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Second PCR machine for Covid-19 testing handed to use in Badakhshan
Badakhshan Public Health Department officials say the second PCR machine for coronavirus testing, which has been newly provided to them by the Aga Khan Foundation, has eased the testing process for suspected COVID-19 patients.
According to the officials, about two months ago, a PCR machine was given to Badakhshan Public Health Department by the Ministry of Public Health, but, due to its low capacity in testing, some samples had to be sent to Kabul.
Shahidullah Daneshi, head of COVID-19 Hospital in Badakhshan, said the new device had the capacity to check 90 samples per hour, and they no longer had to send samples to Kabul.
According to Daneshi, in addition to patients visiting the hospital, their teams in all districts of Badakhshan are taking samples from suspected patients and sending them to COVID-19 hospital for diagnosis.
Daneshi added the virus has now entered the circulation phase and their daily tests show it is spreading.
According to public health officials, 2,522 suspicious cases have been sampled since the start of coronavirus outbreak in Badakhshan, of which 621 have been positive, 23 people have died and 575 have recovered.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihoon

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