Sarepul begins collecting undocumented vehicles

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 21, 2021264

Local officials in Sarepul province have announced the establishment of a city garrison in the province.
Zabihullah Amani, spokesman to provincial governor in Sarepul told Bawar that a strike unit comprising security and reconnaissance units under the name “Urban Garrison” had been created in the province.
“The purpose of forming the new garrison is to prevent security threats, targeted assassinations, reduce criminal offenses, armed robberies and kidnappings, as well as restore public order within the city,” Amani said.
According to him, the security situation in the province is improving with the foundation of the new garrison.
Lt. Col. Ghulam Sakhi Sahel, director of traffic in Sarepul, also affirmed the effectiveness of the measure, adding that the process of gathering undocumented motorcycles and vehicles has started in the province.
Civil activists and a number of Sarepul residents also expressed satisfaction with the establishment of city garrison and stressed the equal application of the law on everyone.
At the same time, security officials in Sarepul announced improvement in security situation compared to one month ago.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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