Security in Samangan assessed

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 24, 202158

In a trip to Samangan this morning, Maj. Gen. Ghulam Mustafa Wardak, Commander of 209th Shaheen Corps, spoke with governor and security officials of the province.
Samangan is one of relatively safe provinces in the country, but from time to time the security situation in the province changes, which is not very worrying, Mr. Wardak said. 209th Shaheen Corps is suppressing terrorist groups with all its means, he added.
“Apart from Darah Suf-e Payeen, all other parts of Samangan are covered by security forces,” provincial governor Mohammad Dawood Kalani stated, adding “security forces, including the army, police and NDS troops, are providing complete security to Samangan and repressing the insurgents.”
The commander of 209th Corps paid a visit to Samangan to investigate the military situation while in the past week, three armed Taliban fighters surrendered to NDS, according to a report from the directorate.
Insurgent movements are occasionally seen in Darh Suf-e Payeen and Roy Doaab districts of Samangan, but security officials assure the situation is under control and there are no serious concerns.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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