Badakhshan sees significant reduction in criminal offenses

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 24, 202161

Local officials in Badakhshan say that following the implementation of the Security Pact program and increase in the activities of city garrison, the crime rate in the province has dropped dramatically and they have not recorded any criminal incidents in Faizabad, capital of Badakhshan in the past two months.
According to them, after resumption of activities of irresponsible gunmen and vehicles with tinted windows, reactivation of city garrison was prioritized.
Sanaullah Rohani, a spokesman for Badakhshan Police Headquarters, said that a large number of robberies and criminal offenses were caused by irresponsible gunmen and vehicles with tinted windows, and that local government had decided to increase garrison and police activities to maintain social order and prevent criminal incidents.
According to Rohani, in the first 5 months of the ongoing solar year, 261 criminal cases were registered and 394 people were arrested in connection with the incidents.
Mr. Rohani adds that in the last three months, following an increase in police and city garrison activities, they have not witnessed any criminal incidents, with the exception of one or two initial events.
Meanwhile, provincial residents welcomed the move, saying that they expected the local government and security forces in Badakhshan to intensify their actions and avert rioters from causing problems.
The city garrison, which consists of national army, special forces, police and national directorate of security personnel, has recently stepped up its activities to ensure security and establish urban order in the city of Faizabad.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihoon

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