Achievements of Security Pact program in Samangan

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 25, 2021189

Local officials in Samangan province say that security forces have made good progress in implementing the Security Pact program in the province.
Samangan governor Mohammad Dawood Kalakani told Bawar that the program was launched in Samangan two months ago and dozens of people have been arrested so far on charges of land usurpation, carrying illegal weapons and breaking the law, and their cases have been sent to the judiciary organs.
He also called the role of the people in supporting the Security Pact program effective, adding, “All people, from religious scholars to teachers and civil activists, are cooperative toward the program.”
More than 60 people have been arrested on criminal charges under the Security Pact program, and the crime rate in the province has also decreased compared to previous months, Monir Rahimi, spokesman to Samangan Police Headquarters said.
Citizens of Aybak also expressed satisfaction with the execution of Security Pact program and the establishment of checkpoints to suppress disruptive people in the community, and called for more government efforts to curb insecurity.
The governor of Samangan talked the success of the Security Pact program, while the Tax Department in the province had previously announced the collection of tens of millions of Afghanis through processing undocumented vehicles within the framework of the program, an act which was welcomed by local inhabitants.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirazei

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