“Mosque, Police and Country” campaign held in Balkh

Bawar Media CenterJanuary 28, 2021117

Balkh security officials, in the presence of religious scholars, launched a public cooperation campaign with police at the Blue Mosque.
Mawlawi Bahruddin Jowzjani termed the security situation in Balkh and other parts of the country a matter of concern, calling the ongoing war in Afghanistan “forbidden”. Hundreds of Taliban were released on the pretext of the peace process, and National Reconciliation Council was established, but it didn’t bring ceasefire and insecurity spread throughout the country, Jowzjani said.
He added that Afghan security forces must believe in their objectives because their path is right and they are protecting the security and peace of the people.
Mr. Jowzjani also called on government leaders and politicians to resolve their internal disputes and build more unity and solidarity.
Meanwhile, other scholars similarly accused the country’s politicians of continuing the situation, saying that politicians are killing people for their personal interests.
Balkh Police Commander, Sayed Merajuddin Sadat, however, called the role of religious scholars in coordinating between people and police important and requested religious scholars to increase public cooperation with police through mosques.
Religious scholars expressed concern over the assassination of clerics, journalists and youth. “The current situation has led Afghan activists, scholars and businessmen to seek refuge abroad,” they said.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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