16 killed, wounded in mortar shelling in Faryab

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 1, 2021189

Security officials in Faryab province say 16 civilians were killed and wounded after two mortar shells hit the center of Almar district in the province.
2nd lieutenant Abdul Karim Yuresh, a spokesman for Faryab Police Headquarters, said two civilians were killed and 14 others, including children, were wounded when two mortar shells hit the center of Almar district in Faryab province at around 11am yesterday.
He added that a number of shops in the district market had been destroyed and financial losses had been inflicted on businessmen as a result of the Taliban mortar attack.
This happens while about a month ago, several civilians were killed and wounded in a mortar attack by the Taliban in bazaar of the same district.
Reporter: Ahmad Jawid Bedar

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