Religious scholars, civil activists of Badakhshan emphasize on preserving achievements of the republic, accelerating peace talks

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 3, 2021172

In a meeting today in Faizabad, capital of Badakhshan, a number of religious scholars and civil activists supported the peace process and stressed the need to preserve the republic’s achievements and accelerate intra-Afghan talks.
Mawlawi Abdul Hafiz, Chairman of the Badakhshan’s Scholars Council, said at the meeting that they expected the Taliban to end violence based on religious teachings and not miss the opportunity for peace negotiations.
According to him, the values of the last two decades have been achieved with the support of international community and sacrifices of Afghan people, and the Taliban should not seek to impose their individual demands on Afghans.
“If the Taliban really believes in peace and respects the will of Afghans, why don’t they accelerate the peace process in Doha, instead of traveling to Iran and Russia?” Hafiz added.
Similarly, Fazl Ahmad Amaj, Chairman of Badakhshan Citizens’ Council, stated that they supported the Afghan government’s direct talks with the Taliban and expected that the decisions made in these talks will be agreed upon by the Afghan people and the international community.
According to Mr. Amaj, the Taliban’s pretext and procrastination have slowed down the peace process, and they call on the Taliban to end this bloody violence by appearing at the negotiating table and speeding up the talks.
“Freedom of expression, women’s rights and democratic and human rights are among the most important achievements of the Afghan people with the support of the international community, and Afghans will not give up on these values,” Amaj added.
Participants in the meeting called the remarks of some Taliban leaders about creation of an interim government irresponsible, stressing that there is no other way but the peaceful transfer of power in Afghanistan.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihoon

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