Achievements of Security Charter program in Baghlan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 4, 202146

Baghlan Police Commander says they have arrested 50 people in connection with murder, armed robbery and drug trafficking in the past two months as part of Security Charter program in the province, removed tinted windows from hundreds of vehicles and stopped some undocumented cars.
Brig. Gen. Wais Samimi, Baghlan Police Commander, called the implementation of the program effective for public order, security and prevention of traffic jams inside the city.
“In the past two months, within the frame of the Security Charter program, 300 vehicles have been cleared of tinted windows and 50 criminals have been arrested by police on different charges and handed over to the law,” Samimi added.
He called the role and cooperation of people effective in supporting the implementation of law and linked the achievements of police to the efforts of people, requesting the public to continue their collaboration with police in order to ensure security.
At the same time, Baghlan residents say that police enforce the law and that all people should support the law and police in order to close the gap between nation and the government and put an end to social problems.
Although the duty of police is to enforce law, in the current situation, police forces are also used in the battlefields to provide better living conditions for Afghans.

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