Sarepul health workers strike

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 6, 202152

Workers of Sarepul Provincial Hospital went on strike this morning and called on the government to include the budget of reformed hospitals in the development budget.
Dr. Mohammad Rustam Rajabi, head of the hospital, said the reason of the strike and the gathering of health personnel was a reduction in their salaries and benefits and exclusion of reformed hospitals’ budgets from the development budget.
Dr. Kamran Zahed, a striker, stated that if their legal demands were not met, the people of Sarepul should not expect to receive standard health services.
At the gathering, doctors also handed over a 12-article resolution to local authorities, in part emphasizing that if legal demands of strikers were not met, the government would be responsible for the consequences of disrupted health services.
However, Qurban Murad Murad, provincial governor, and members of Sarepul Provincial Council who had attended the gathering promised that they would convey the requests of health workers to the relevant authorities and cooperate in fulfilling their demands.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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