50-bed Covid hospital inaugurated for ANP in north

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 7, 202154

A 50-bed COVID-19 hospital for ANP was inaugurated in Mazar-e Sharif in the presence of officials from Interior Ministry.
Sayed Merajuddin Sadat, Balkh Police Commander, said that in the past, they faced many problems in treating wounded soldiers and had to refer to 209th Shaheen Corps’ hospital, but now with the establishment of a 50-bed Covid hospital, in addition to patients infected with coronavirus, wounded soldiers would also be treated.
He also called on the Interior Ministry to provide them with armored ambulances so that they can easily transport soldiers wounded on the battlefield in the districts.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammad Asif Boromand, Director General of Police Health Services at the Interior Ministry, said the hospital was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment worth $1.7 million.
According to Boromand, the hospital can now partially solve the health problems of soldiers in the northern zone, but there is still a need to expand the hospital. He called on Balkh governor to provide them with a piece of land to expand the hospital and activate oxygen production to properly address police problems in the region.
It is noteworthy that 50-bed Covid-19 hospitals were previously created in Nangarhar and Paktia provinces, and four similar hospitals will be established in other provinces as well.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon


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