Dozens of health centers remain closed in Samangan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 7, 2021137

Twenty-eight health centers have remained closed since October last year due to security threats and lack of salaries for health workers in parts of Samangan province.
Dr. Abdul Khalil Mosadiq, Samangan’s Director of Public Health, told Bawar that they tried hard to reopen the centers, but to no avail. He hoped the centers would be opened soon.
Civil activists in Samangan, in the meantime, have expressed concern about the closure of health centers in the province, calling on the government to pay attention to the reopening of the centers.
Najibullah Danesh, an activist in Samangan, said that out of six clinics in Hazrat Sultan district, four had been closed by the Taliban and that residents in remote areas of the district faced many challenges as they couldn’t access health services.
Dozens of health centers in Samangan have been closed for nearly five months. Although the provincial Public Health Department had previously announced their opening, they now say they were unable to reopen these centers due to security threats.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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