Baghlan Youth Union’s demands from the government

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 8, 202150

Youth Union in Baghlan province called on the government to provide employment opportunities for the youth, fight corruption and implement development projects in the province.
“With ongoing corruption, educated people are deprived of positions in state offices and government must provide jobs for young people in 1400 fiscal year,” Shir Mohammad Moradi, head of Youth Union, said in a gathering called ‘Baghlan en route to change’.
Muradi asked the government to launch educational programs to enhance the capacity, intellectual ability and scientific growth of the youth, and to continue to implement development projects in accordance with the needs of people in 1400.
Zabihullah Ehsas, Baghlan’s deputy governor, who attended the event, maintained that it was the responsibility of young people and civil activists to criticize the activities of government departments and to raise their voices against corruption so that officials become aware of their actions.
He added that the enemy will never succeed through fighting and that the youth must stand by the republic to preserve the gains of nearly two decades.
At the end of the congregation, a number of government officials were praised by Baghlan Youth Union for their good performances.


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