Distribution of food items to 90% of Samangan residents

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 9, 202139

Officials of Samangan Rural Rehabilitation and Development Department say they are distributing more than AFN 88 million in cash to residents of three districts of Hazrat Sultan, Khuram-o Sarbagh and Roy do Aab in the province.
Abdul Rab Hakimi, head of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Department in Samangan, said that a survey had been conducted in all villages of the three districts and that food and non-food items would be distributed to 90 percent of the residents.
According to Hakimi, 21,000 families in three districts of Samangan have already received aids from National Food Program, and other districts will benefit from it very soon.
Meanwhile, residents of Samangan who have received donations, are expressing their satisfaction.
Juma Khan, a resident of Roy do Aab district, stated he was happy with the government helping the poor. He called on the government to continue its assistance.
National Food Program was recently launched in all provinces of the country by the order of the president of the country, and according to officials in Samangan, all the vulnerable areas of the province will be covered by the program.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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