Monuments in Badakhshan saved from destruction

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 9, 202139

Officials of Information and Culture Department in Badakhshan say that following the cooperation of donors, they have restored a number of monuments in the province and prevented the usurpation of property related to these monuments.
Naqibullah Saqibyar, head of Information and Culture Department in Badakhshan, stated that out of 30 memorials in the province, the department has been able to repair six of them in the center and districts of Badakhshan with the cooperation of Aga Khan Foundation’s cultural branch.
“We confiscated part of the property related to Miryarbek Wali shrine, the public library in the city of Faizabad and a historical site in Yaftal district from usurpers,” Saqibyar added.
Some cultural figures in Badakhshan, however, maintain that the province, with its cultural background and civilization, has many historical and cultural heritages, but due to the lack of attention by officials, they have not yet been identified.
“A large number of monuments in Badakhshan have not yet been identified and some are in danger of demolition,” said Abdul Basir Wasiq, a Badakhshan cultural activist.
He called on the government and donors to sturdily focus on identifying and preserving monuments.
The head of Information and Culture Department of Badakhshan, on the other hand, tells that the process of identifying and restoring heritages is ongoing and they will repair a number of monuments in the province next year with the help of the Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan.
Officials in culture department of Badakhshan also say that in order to involve people in the process of preserving heritages, they have sent letters to all districts of the province to establish committees at District Development Councils to provide bases for protection of monuments by people.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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