Restoration of Hazrat Imamzada Yahya’s tomb begins in Sarepul

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 9, 2021151

Restoration of Hazrat Imamzada Yahya’s tomb in Sarepul was started today by the Ministry of Information and Culture with the financial support of Presidential Operational Unit.
Bashir Ahmad Haqjo, head of Information and Culture Department in Sarepul, said the reconstruction project, which will cost more than AFN 100 million, will be paid by Presidential Operational Unit and will be completed and put into operation within a year.
Qurban Murad Murad, Sarepul governor, who was present at the inauguration ceremony of the project, asked officials of the construction company to focus on the quality and completion of the project.
Officials at Department of Information and Culture in Sarepul had previously announced the commencement of restoration of Imam Sahib Kalan tomb and Eidgah grand mosque, which have a history of nearly one thousand years.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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