Urban order, security situation improve in Sarepul

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 11, 202150

Local officials and residents of Sarepul province say that in addition to improvement in the security situation, the Security Charter program has also had a positive impact on urban order.
Qurban Murad Murad, Sarepul governor, said the Security Charter program in the province had created better urban order, removed unnecessary obstacles from the roads, detached tinted windows from vehicles, and disallowed motorcycles and irresponsible gunmen from roaming the city.
According to Mr. Murad, he has not received any reports of assassinations, armed robberies, murders or other organized crimes from intelligence and security units in the past two weeks.
Sarepul governor also announced improvement of security on No. 2 and 3 highways, adding that plan on securing No. 1 highway between Sarepul and Jowzjan had been shared with local officials of Jowzjan province and 209th Shaheen Corps, which will be implemented soon.
He also talked about confiscation of more than 100 acres of government land and maintained that within the frame of Security Charter program, the process of reclaiming government property from usurpers and the powerful is a priority for him.
A while ago, civil activists and a number of provincial citizens also spoke about security improvements in the province.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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