Violence against women surges in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 13, 2021139

Women’s Affairs officials in Badakhshan say the rate of violence against women in the province has risen sharply compared to previous years, with statistics showing unmatched levels.
“Based on monitoring and surveys conducted by Women’s Affairs Department and other organizations defending women’s rights, 325 cases of violence against women were recorded this year compared to 258 of last year, which shows a 25 percent rise,” Alina Ghiasi, Director of Women’s Affairs Department in Badakhshan said.
According to her, these cases include physical violence, rape, harassment and humiliation, and other forms of violence.
Ms. Alina adds that some of these cases have been sent to judicial organs and others have been resolved through the mediation of Women’s Affairs Department and relevant institutions.
Lina Shirzad, a women’s rights activist in the province, believes that low levels of awareness about their rights, especially by rural women, failure in implementation of Ending Violence Against Women law, culture of impunity and the intervention of the powerful in the processing of cases of violence has led to an increase in violence against them.
The head of Women’s Affairs Department in Badakhshan, however, says that increased awareness of women of their legal rights and swift efforts of her administration and other women’s rights organizations to record violence, are the main reasons behind rising stats.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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