Small dairy provides job opportunities for women in Jawzjan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 16, 202199

A lady in the city of Sheberghan has provided job opportunities for 20 needy women by setting up a small dairy production and processing factory.
Nabila Afghanzai, an official in the Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DRRD) in Jawzjan province, said that establishment of the factory was supported by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) with the aim of employment and economic empowerment of women in various sectors of social life.
According to Afghanzai, by the MRRD employment initiation, around 40% of women have been able to become self-sufficient.
A number of women working in the small dairy house said that they started with 5000 AFG, but now, with more than 20000 AFG in savings, they have been able to produce milk, yogurt, cream and cheese and that contains 10% of the city’s need.
Officials in the DRRD of the province mention that with the support of the MRRD, about 200 women are working in eight working groups in small dairy factories in different parts of Sheberghan to earn a living.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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