Lack of nurseries, kindergartens for female employees in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 17, 202139

Women’s affairs officials say the lack of workplace nurseries and kindergartens is one of the main problems for female employees in government offices of Badakhshan, and they have repeatedly shared the issue with local government and related institutions.
Alina Gheyasi, head of Women’s Affairs Department in the province, says that workplace nurseries and kindergartens are among the main needs of female employees.
They have so far established two workplace nurseries in the province’s women’s affairs and teachers’ education departments, and are striving to encourage other departments, with the cooperation of aid agencies and the Department of Labor and Social Affairs to solve the problems of female employees by creating nurseries and kindergartens in their workplaces, according to Ms. Gheyasi.
“A large number of female employees in Badakhshan government offices have to go home several times a day to breastfeed their children or ignore breastfeeding during office hours due to the lack of kindergartens and nurseries,” Ms. Gheyasi added.
Officials at Badakhshan’s Department of Labor and Social Affairs state that they are ready to set up nurseries and kindergartens in workplaces based on the guidelines.
Many government departments could not meet the conditions defined in their guidelines for creation of nurseries and kindergartens, Feriba Ferotan, Social Affairs Director at Labor and Social Affairs Department said.
According to her, based on the guidelines, government offices with at least 15 children from female employees can establish kindergartens.
Ms. Ferotan adds that provincial labor department has talked to a number of government agencies to create regional nurseries and kindergartens for several departments in one place.
According to the first paragraph of Article 126 of the Civil Service Employees Law, government departments are obliged to establish nurseries and kindergartens in the workplace to create a calming atmosphere and ensure the privacy of female employees.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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