Open dialogue held between Sarepul local government, civil society

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 17, 2021112

A meeting called “Open Dialogue” between the local government and civil society was launched by Sarepul Governor House which discussed civil activities in the province.
“The aim of the dialogue was to attract the direct cooperation of civil society and the media with the government and to strengthen democracy in the community,” Abdullah Akbari, head of Sectoral Services at Sarepul Governor House told Bawar, adding “local authorities are determined to easing activities of civil society.”
Attila Noori, Head of Sarepul Civil Society Networks, welcomed the dialogue, criticizing the inefficiency of civil society institutions, as well as the lack of accountability of local authorities. He also called on local government to ease journalists’ access to information.
While accepting the challenges and suggestions of civil activists and the media, Qurban Murad Murad, Sarepul Governor, said that civil activists are the bridge between the government and the people and that their mission is to reflect the facts and raise public awareness.
Sarepul Governor also promised to take necessary measures regarding the safety of civil and media activists.
A number of media outlets and civil activists in the province previously complained about the lack of access to information.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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