Amir Alisher Nawaye’s 850th birthday commemoration

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 18, 202141

Amir Alisher Nawaye’s 850th birthday and Uzbek language becoming official were celebrated in a ceremony in Sheberghan.
Mohammad Azim, one of the participants in the event, called Amir Alisher Nawaye a great man, a multidimensional figure, a poet, writer and a capable minister, and stressed that Nawaye is a good example in the history of the country in ensuring social justice and national unity.
Describing Nawaye, Keramatullah Azizi, an employee of Jowzjan’s Department of Information and Culture, said he was a prominent politician, poet and thinker of this land.
Amir Alisher Nawaye was a poet of the Timurid era, born in 844 AH in Herat province. He passed away in 906 AH and was buried alongside Goharshad Begum’s tomb on Herat street.
The poet used the last name “Nawaye” in Turkish poems and “Fani” in Persian poems.
Amir Alishir Nawaye has left more than 30 volumes of books and writings, the most important of which is Khamsa with 6400 verses.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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