“Nai Nai”, a celebrated folk song among rural women in Jowzjan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 20, 2021120

Rural women in Jowzjan province have restarted singing folk songs to promote Uzbek culture and language.
Jowzjan is like a music box. Touch any part of this community, and you will hear local melodies composed in specific regional dialects. One of these songs is called Nai Nai.
“Although the song has changed over time, but the return of people to these types of records will have a positive impact on the growth of culture and language of the people in the north,” Haji Ashraf Azimi, an 80-year-old cultural activist in the province said while talking about the song’s history.
Razia is a 50-year-old woman living in Khwaja Dokoh district of Sheberghan. She tells that there are many songs that are sung in different ceremonies. One of these songs, according to her is Nai Nai. She says that in ancient times, when the bride was brought to the groom’s house, this melody was sung as a welcoming. According to Razia, now the song Nai Nai has become popular again.
“Nai Nai”, “Wakh Wakh Oldum” and “Sabziwan” are among traditional songs of the people of Jowzjan, especially women. The mentioned songs are mostly performed with musical instruments such as reed, ghijak, and tambourine, which are among the most important and ancient musical instruments of the people of this land.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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