250 cases of violence against women registered in Baghlan

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 28, 202193

Religious scholars in Baghlan say violence against men and women is illegal from Islamic point of view and the only cause of violence is poverty and persistence of war in the country.
Mawlawi Naqibullah Sajjad, Head of Hajj and Religious Affairs Department in Baghlan province, stated in a conference on women’s rights and elimination of violence against women that violence against women is not permissible from an Islamic perspective, but poverty and the continuation of war have deprived women from their rights.
Cases of violence against women in the province have increased compared to last year, Uranus Atefi, Director of Rights at Women’s Affairs Department in Baghlan said.
“Last year 203 cases of violence against women were recorded, but this year the number has risen to 250,” she added.
According to Ms. Atefi, the cases involved murder, rape and beating.
Officials of Women’s Affairs Department in Baghlan also announced implementation of various awareness programs and employment opportunities for women in remote areas of the province.


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