8th March commemorated at Human Rights Commission in the North

Bawar Media CenterMarch 7, 2021128

The Independent Human Rights Commission in the North celebrated International Women’s Day in presence of working women.
Sakina Naser, an employee at the Independent Human Rights Commission, says that although many programs have been conducted to raise awareness about women’s rights in the country, there is a greater need for such programs due to the statistics of violence.
According to her, in 2019, 199 cases were recorded with them, which showed 445 reports of violence, but in 2020, due to Covid pandemic, fewer people referred and 185 cases were registered, which included 301 reports of violence. According to Ms. Naser, most of these statistics were violence such as beatings, non-payment of alimony and eviction from home.
Meanwhile, a number of women participating in the program, consider celebration of 8th March symbolic, maintaining that all programs targeted at women have been very light. They emphasize that fundamental work should be done to research about the situation of women and to improve it based on data and findings.
In the ceremony, female journalists and civil activists expressed concern over increase in targeted assassinations.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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