Improvement of public cooperation with police through development councils, public committees in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterMarch 7, 2021111

Badakhshan security officials say public relations with police forces has become stronger than previous years, and that provincial residents are now cooperating with police in all areas.
In addition to decline in crime rates and threat levels, social order has been restored and public confidence in law enforcement has augmented, Sanaullah Rohani, Spokesman to Badakhshan Police Headquarters said.
According Rohani the provincial Police Headquarters has enhanced police activities by establishing committees for cooperation between people and police in development councils, as well as created public police committees through Community Police.
Rouhani adds that Badakhshan Police Headquarters holds regular coordination meetings to discuss important social challenges such as violations, lawlessness and social irregularities, and to implement practical plans to address them.
“In all the public coordination summits, there are weekly meetings with social councils and a monthly meeting at Police Headquarters with practical programs being implemented, which have produced productive results,” Mr. Rohani said.
Provincial residents also state that cooperating with the police is the only way to ensure order and fight against crimes. They believe that as a consequence of their collaboration with the police a number of destructive events have been averted and hundreds of innocents lives have been saved.
“Three times this year, the enemies of Afghans tried to kill the people of the province with explosives, but people’s reporting to the police exposed their plans,” said Nawidullah Nushfar, a Badakhshan civil activist.
Badakhshan security officials say they plan to strengthen the process by expanding the reach of security forces to the farthest points in the province through a new association program with development councils.
According to security officials, 261 criminal cases were recorded in the first five months of the ongoing solar year, and 394 people were arrested in connection with these incidents, but in the last two months due to an improvement in public-police relations, no cases have been registered.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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