Women drivers complain about street harassment in Jowzjan

Bawar Media CenterMarch 8, 2021112

A number of women drivers in the city of Sheberghan have complained of street harassment, saying they are happy to have obtained a driver’s license but are concerned about harassment by some men.
Negita has just gotten her driver’s license. “Many women refuse to even join a driving course because of harassment by some men,” she said.
Meanwhile, 2nd Lieutenant Abdul Bashir Faizi, Training in-charge at Traffic Department of Jowzjan, said that because women’s driving was something new in the province, there were negative reactions in the community.
People who harass female drivers will be dealt with legally, Bashir added.
Muslima Ataei, Director of Women’s Affairs Department in the province, on the other hand, stated that 10 percent of women in Jowzjan drove and that efforts were being made to educate and train more women in the driving sector.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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