Qaraqul sales plummet in Jowzjan

Bawar Media CenterMarch 11, 2021137

A number of Qaraqul (Breed of sheep) skin traders in Jowzjan have said that due to the stagnation of global Qaraqul skin markets, its sales in the province has declined compared to two years ago.
A single Qaraqul skin cost more than AFN 2,000 last year, but now it does not even sell for AFN 300, said Haji Afghan, a Qaraqul merchant.
Haji Yulbers Atai, Head of Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Jowzjan confirmed this, saying that the import of low-cost artificial leather from African countries had caused the original Afghan pelt to lose its market value in European countries.
“In recent years, about 1.6 million Qaraqul skins were exported to European countries, but now the figure does not even reach one hundred thousand,” he added.
Atai calls on the government to pay attention to the marketing of Qaraqul leather and provide long-term loans to traders so that the business can flourish again.
Qaraqul skin, which is one of the most important products of Afghanistan, was exported in large quantities abroad, but now due to the stagnation of global markets, the industry is vanishing.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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