Women’s volleyball game in Baghlan

Bawar Media CenterMarch 11, 2021155

A women’s volleyball match with the slogan “Reducing Violence Against Women” was played at Pul-e Khumri Sports Gymnasium this morning.
Emphasizing the importance of women’s sports, Khadija Yaqin, Head of Women’s Affairs Directorate in Baghlan province, praised the achievements of women in various fields, adding that in the past 20 years, women in Baghlan have defended their rights and excelled in numerous fields.
Osman Sherzai, Deputy Director of Baghlan Sports Directorate, stated that women’s sports have grown significantly compared to a few years ago.
Recently a sports gymnasium has been built for women in the city of Pul-e Khumri where they can play table tennis, volleyball, taekwondo and run in a safe environment, he added.
At the same time, a number of female athletes who had participated in the match said their only wish was to promote sports and ensure peace in the country, adding that they were aiming to reach national and international competitions in the future.
The game was played between women’s volleyball teams of Pul-e Khumri Mining and Number Two high schools, which was won 3-0 by Pul-e Khumri Mining.

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