Balkh police announce strict security measures for Nowruz

Bawar Media CenterMarch 14, 2021107

Merajuddin Sadat, Balkh Police Commander, said that 3,000 security forces from NDS, ANA and ANP are currently providing security in more than ten security belts in Balkh province to ensure the security of Nowruz.
“Security forces have shone at checkpoints and have, so far, been able to prevent several armed attacks and robberies in five security belts inside the city and seven more outside the city,” he added.
Balkh Police Commander also calls on the people to cooperate with them in securing the Nowruz festival, asking them to report any suspicious activities to police.
Meanwhile, a number of Mazar-e Sharif citizens praised the efforts of Afghan security forces in securing the New Year’s Day.
Every year, the people of Balkh make special preparations to receive domestic and foreign guests, and thousands of people gather in the province to celebrate Nowruz in the Blue Mosque.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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