Increasing interest of women in establishing dairy processing centers in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterMarch 14, 2021122

Officials from Badakhshan’s Women’s Affairs Department state that the province’s women are increasingly interested in economic activities, especially in dairy processing, and that in recent years several dairy processing centers have been set up by women in Badakhshan with the support of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
“10 dairy processing centers have been put into operation in collaboration with aid agencies in the central city of Faizabad and two other districts, each employing 100 women,” Alina Ghiyasi, Women’s Affairs Director in Badakhshan said.
Amina Rahimi, Head of Safa Dairy Factory, who has set up a dairy processing center for a large number of women, says that 100 women work in her factory, and that 15 women take turns working every day.
Officials at the province’s Agriculture Department say they plan to implement training programs aimed at increasing the capacity of farmers, creating a safe work environment, good market for sales of women’s dairy products, and strengthening dairy production centers.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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