Baghlan adopts Nowruz security measures

Bawar Media CenterMarch 15, 2021101

Security forces in Baghlan have announced the adoption of security measures during Nowruz in the center, districts and highways of the province.
Brig. Gen. Wais Samimi, Baghlan Police Commander, said that security measures had been taken on Baghlan-Kunduz, Pul-e Khumri-Samangan and Doshi-Kabul highways so that people can travel safely and participate in the Nowruz festival in Mazar-e Sharif city.
He added that in the past three months, joint Afghan security forces have launched numerous operations to secure public highways and set up a number of checkpoints in vulnerable areas.
Baghlan Police Commander warns that undocumented vehicles will not be allowed to cross Baghlan highways.
He called the role of people effective in providing security and asked them to report suspicious cases to the police.
Meanwhile, scores of drivers and passengers crossing Baghlan are satisfied with the security and emphasize on maintaining more highway safety.
On New Year’s Day, mobile teams from provincial Public Health Department and Traffic Department have also been assigned to provide services to passengers on highways.

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