Jowzjan braces for the new year

Bawar Media CenterMarch 15, 2021162

Local officials in Jowzjan say they have taken special security preparations to celebrate Nowruz 1400 and begin the spring.
Abdul Wahid Wejdan, Jowzjan Police Commander, said that in coordination with joint security forces, including the ANP, ANA and NDS, they had taken special measures to celebrate Nowruz and were striving to prevent incidents in the province.
During the past week, security forces have discovered and neutralized four IEDs planted by armed opposition on Sheberghan-Balkh, Sheberghan-Sarepul highways and Sheberghan city to disturb the peace of the people, according to him.
Security forces have set up checkpoints around the city of Sheberghan to inspect people and vehicles entering the city, Wejdan added.
He assures the people about security of Nowruz and asks them to inform the police in case they witness any suspicious people and objects and play their role in providing security.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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