Baghlan youth worried about escalation of violence

Bawar Media CenterMarch 18, 2021140

A number of youth in Baghlan province expressed their concern over the intensification of war and violence in the country and called for peace.
They called the youth the future builders of society and the messengers of peace, and asked the warring parties to end the ongoing violence.
Abdul Kabir Ghaffari, a youth in the province, called the role of youth effective in the development of society and requested the government to clarify their position in the future of the country.
Abdul Rahman, another speaker at the gathering, described national unity and empathy as the only solutions in the country and warned the youth not to be deceived by enemies and to unite in order to save Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Baghlan Governor Akbar Barekzai called the role of the youth in the ranks of security forces effective, saying that the new generation sacrificed their lives to protect the property and lives of people. He asked the youth to stand by security forces.
War and violence in Afghanistan have recently increased and many people are killed and wounded every day.

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