Nowruz 1400 celebrated in Balkh

Bawar Media CenterMarch 23, 2021121

Nowruz was officially celebrated in the presence of local officials and strong participation of people in a safe atmosphere in Mazar-e Sharif city, capital of Balkh province.
“We are interested in a peace that will stop the war and the killing of Afghans,” said Balkh Governor Mohammad Farhad Azimi, speaking at the Blue Mosque on New Year’s Day. He added that instead of being spent on war, the government budget should be spent on rehabilitation of the country.
In another part of his speech, Balkh Governor announced plans for 1400, adding that the fight against corruption is a priority for him and he has undertaken plans to improve local governance; Including the recapture of usurped lands and the legal treatment of owners of illegal settlements.
Mati-ur Rahman Karimi, Head of Information and Culture Department in Balkh, said that for the happiness of the people, various programs, including fireworks and music shows, will be launched for forty days in the province.
Two exhibitions of handicrafts and domestic products have already been held in Mazar-e Sharif, and another large exhibition is scheduled in the Blue Mosque in ten days.
On the other hand, the guests who came to Balkh from different provinces, welcomed the efforts of security forces in ensuring the security of Nowruz and praised their kind treatment, saying that Afghans want peace and tranquility.
Nowruz was celebrated in Mazar-e Sharif while the ceremony was canceled last year due to Covid pandemic. It is worth mentioning that although tourists from 11 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada and neighboring countries, participated in the event, but none of the government officials from capital Kabul attended the event.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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