Electricity protestors urge Balkh citizens not to pay bills

Bawar Media CenterMarch 28, 2021156

Balkh Breshna officials held a press conference following provincial citizens’ complaints over high electricity prices, saying they had handed over the responsibility of equalizing electricity charges to Energy Affairs Administration and that changing the tariffs was not within Breshna’s capability.
“Objecting is the right of citizens, but Balkh electricity appellants have asked people in mosques not to pay their bills, and because electricity is imported, if the money is not delivered on time, power supply will be cut off,” said Hamidullah Hamidi, Head of Balkh Breshna Sherkat.
Meanwhile, Bawar Bamik, a Balkh electricity protestor, states they will not pay electricity bills until the energy prices are equalized, and will even hold large-scale demonstrations and set up a tent at the gates of Balkh Breshna Sherkat.
Balkh citizens accuse the central government of discriminating against residents of the province over high electricity costs.
They claim that Breshna is unable to get charges of electricity from the homes of government officials and their offices, and that is why they increase power costs on normal people.
This problem has been discussed with the authorities many times, but despite many promises, no action has been taken yet, according to these citizens.
Each kilowatt of electricity in Balkh costs AFN 6.25, while in most provinces the price is much lower.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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