Tuberculosis cases soar in Baghlan

Bawar Media CenterMarch 28, 202175

Officials of Baghlan Public Health Department say that the number of tuberculosis cases has increased in the province compared to last year.
Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Homayoni, provincial head of TB control in Baghlan’s Public Health Department, said in celebration of World TB Day that in 2019, about 1,800 TB cases were registered in the province, which surged to 2,000 cases in 2020 – a 15% increase.
The only reason behind surge in tuberculosis cases is the efforts of health personnel and public awareness, Homayoni added. He said that 85% women, 42% men and 15% children under the age of five had tuberculosis.
Homayouni stated that tuberculosis is a deadly but treatable disease whose medicine is given to patients free of charge.
He called the fight against tuberculosis the responsibility of every member of society and asked all families to go to tuberculosis diagnosis centers if they have symptoms of the disease.
Baghlan public health officials say there are 39 TB diagnosis and treatment centers in the province that provide free health services.

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