Two girls’ schools opened in Takhar

Bawar Media CenterMarch 29, 2021102

The new buildings of No. 1 Girls’ High School and Bebe Maryam Girls’ High School in Taloqan were inaugurated and put into operation yesterday by Mawlawi Abdullah Qarluq, Governor of Takhar, in the presence of members of provincial council, local government officials, civil activists, women, influential people and students’ parents.
According to Takhar’s Department of Education, the buildings were built at a cost of AFN 167 million from the financial aids of German Development Bank (KFW) with necessary classrooms and equipment.
The director of education in Takhar said the problem of many students were solved after completion the schools.
Referring to increasing number of students in schools due to displacement of families in wars, Takhar Governor told the construction of the two schools was a valuable step in resolving students’ problems, adding that ‘illiteracy causes social problems’ and that ‘human beings evolve by acquiring knowledge.’
Local officials in Takhar thanked Germany for building the schools, as well as the Afghan government for paying attention to education.
Reporter: Jamshid Kundali

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