Baghlan women’s surging interest in table tennis

Bawar Media CenterApril 6, 2021199

In Baghlan, women’s interest has increased in playing table tennis.
Jamila, Deputy Director at Baghlan’s Table Tennis Federation said that for the first time, the province’s sports directorate has set up a table tennis club for women, which has attracted the attention of many females in a short period of time.
Laila, a table tennis player in the province, says that she is happy to have the opportunity to play the sport.
With each day passing, women become more attracted to the sport, she added.
Meanwhile, women athletes say that if they are provided with more facilities and equipment for playing table tennis, they will be able to participate in national and international competitions.
While women’s interest in table tennis has increased in Baghlan, dozens of them also compete in MMA, volleyball and taekwondo fields.

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