Academic, Literary and Cultural Association opened in Sarepul

Bawar Media CenterApril 11, 202178

An institution called “Academic, Literary and Cultural Association” in education sector of Sarepul was inaugurated this morning by the province’s Deputy Governor.
“The purpose of establishing this association is to discover students’ talents and promote them in the fields of writing, poetry, literature, calligraphy and painting,” said Mohammad Khan Begzad, Head of Education Department in Sarepul.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the association, Abdul Malik Azimi, Deputy Governor of the province stated that he supported the association and was ready to help extend it to the districts.
In the meantime, Inayatullah Musamim, a member of Sarepul Provincial Council, on behalf of the people, appreciated the initiative by education department and asked other social institutions to back the association.
According to the head of education department in Sarepul, professors of literature, officials of cultural committee of schools and talented students will be members of the association and will publish their works on a monthly basis in the magazine of education department.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi


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